DIY engine from craft train set designed by Ken Wingard

All aboard for DIY fun

Catch the craft express with fun-to-make Christmas Train projects

DIY engine from craft train set designed by Ken Wingard
DIY engine from craft train set designed by Ken Wingard. © Hallmark Channel

Nothing says “Christmas love” like made-at-home holiday train-theme decorations and novelties. Bits of ribbon, tinsel, and holiday bric-a-brac will get you started. A quick trip to your local craft or hobby shop will fill in any missing needs. Ready to go? Then fire up that glue gun and let’s get craftin’!

Set for Christmas

felt ornamentTransform ordinary cookie and cereal boxes into family holiday heirlooms with a splash of paint, a dab of glitter, and a few battery powered tea lights. San Francisco designer Ken Wingard gives step-by-step directions that leave plenty of room for your personal creativity! Make-it-yourself Christmas Train Set is perfect under-the-tree or mantle top additions. They also make memorable gifts that are sure to delight. From Hallmark Channel Home & Family website.

Kid-kraft felt fun

train setWith grownups nearby, this make-at-home Felt Holiday Train Ornament is a child’s I-made-it-myself delight. Scissors and glue guns aren’t always kid-friendly but big boys and girls should be good to go and everyone’s ready once cut-and-glue basics are complete. For felt cutouts turn to storybook engines like Thomas the Tank Engine for creative inspiration — and don’t forget the ribbon and glitter! From the Play Train website.

Christmas countdown

Advent calendarThis Advent Calendar keeps kids on track with twenty-five train-themed pockets — one for every December day leading up to the big event. Cut train car shapes from brightly colored felt, trim with bits of ribbon and sequins, then label each car with glittery puffy paint numbers from 1 to 25! Tuck a tiny gift into each train car pocket. Your little engineer can mark off the days till Christmas by moving a tiny sock puppet or mini plush character from one pocket to the next! From YourCreativeJuices website.

Choo-choo garland

train garlandEveryday cardboard tubes are what you’ll need to get started on this cool and colorful Christmas Train Garland. Cover the tubes with colored paper to make one-of-a-kind train car motifs. Decorate “cars” with jewelry bits, buttons, baubles and beads — or glitter family member names to individual cars. Then string your miniature train-car creations together along lengths of colorful ribbon or shimmery cord to create a festive length of truly unique train-themed garland. From the BHG website.