Santa Mickey's Christmas Train Puzzle provides interactive fun.

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Interactive Christmas train-themed activities are ready to roll

Santa Mickey's Christmas Train Puzzle provides interactive fun.
Santa Mickey’s Christmas Train Puzzle provides interactive fun. © Jigsaw Planet

Overwhelmed by the Christmas rush? Time to take a break. Fortunately relief is just a few clicks away thanks to a cool cyber line-up of Christmas train-themed games and puzzles. So set aside your shopping list, grab a cocoa and some cookies, and settle back. It’s time to click and play!

Find the way to Christmas

Which way to Christmas? My Christmas Train is your Christmas train and that makes you the engineer! So deciding which track to follow is all up to you. Head off the train before it reaches the next junction and switch the track to line-up with the right route — and don’t let the winding tunnels send you off track! See if you have the skills you’ll need to get Santa and his trainload of presents to Christmastime’s destination depot. From QM Studio Google Play. Android devices only.

Catch Mickey’s puzzle express

All aboard for Christmas with Santa Mickey and the Disney gang! It’s fun to build a Magic Kingdom Christmas Train with this interactive holiday puzzle. Drag-and-drop interactive puzzle pieces are easy for bigger kids to position and lock in place!. Completed Christmas Train Puzzle reveals Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pooh, and all their Disney pals celebrating the festive season aboard a brightly decorated Christmastime Train! From the Jigsaw Planet website. Desktop and mobile friendly.

Put Santa back on track

Oh! Oh! It’s Christmas Eve and the Jolly Express has hit a bump along the way! Now the holiday train is in pieces along side the track and Santa Claus needs a helper to put the train back together in time to get to the North Pole. Online, interactive Christmas Train Puzzle features sound effects and easy-to-assemble “snap together” puzzle pieces. Christmas Train fun for preschoolers and their grown-up helpers alike! From website. Requires Adobe Flash. Desktop and limited mobile devices only.

Keep gift deliveries rolling

Give Santa a hand delivering Christmas gifts by train in this challenging interactive online game! The Jolly Old Elf has traded in his sleigh in this Steam Train Delivery Game. Now he needs all the help he can get if he’s going to deliver all his gifts on time. It’s not easy to fill each Christmas train hopper car as gaily wrapped presents tumble from the gift loader. Once you’re on your way delivering all the gifts on board is the most difficult task of all! From the Brightest Games website. Requires Adobe Flash. Desktop and limited mobile devices only.

Be on time for Christmas

When Holiday Express trains pull up to the conveyor belts the Yuletide rush is on! The Christmas countdown clock is ticking and gifts are piling up so Holiday Express gondola cars can’t stay empty for long and there’s positively no room to spare. Can you meet the challenge and arrive on time for Christmas? Only the fastest most efficient elves can make the grade! From the Free World Group website. Requires Adobe Flash. Desktop and limited mobile devices only.